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We Enjoy


"Life is a celebration. Consider everything that makes you happy as a gift from God and say, 'Thank you." At Amigoz Tech, we do not miss a single chance to celebrate.

Amigoz Entertainment


Amigoz Tech is extending its operations to the entertainment industry, and this website, Amigoz Entertainment, is where you will find everything we are doing in that domain.

We Enjoy


Team members at Amigoz Tech play games almost every single day to clear their minds and enjoy their time at the office. We even organize competitions between different teams.

We Organize

Recruitments Drives & Seminars

Amigoz Tech is constantly looking to help the talented people around us, and for that purpose, we regularly conduct recruitment drives and seminars.

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We Create


Amigoz Tech creates video logs of all the important stuff that it does and in this section, you can view them all.

We Distribute


It is our belief that our growth is directly related to the growth of our team members. That's why we distribute incentives every time our team achieves something. You can view the distribution here.

We celebrate


To make our team members' day more special, Amigoz Tech goes all out on birthday celebrations. From delicious cakes to customized posts, we do it all to uplift their spirits.

We Conduct


To help our team members become the leaders of tomorrow, we encourage them to conduct hour-long sessions for the whole team where people can speak their minds and share insights with the rest of the team.

We Enjoy


There's no doubt about the fact that our team works really hard and when you work hard, you need to play hard. That's why we organize picnics almost every month.

We Conduct

Biannual Meetings

Amigoz Tech conducts companywide biannual meetings with the agenda of growing our team members. From promotions to increments, we do it all during these meetings.

We Play


Amigoz Tech, along with its partners, organizes sporting events where team members can play and have the time of their lives. You can view those events here.

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